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THE ELEVATE LIFESTYLE MASTERMIND and How it can Change your Life. - Jackie Ruka BS,MCAT, ICF

Discover how high achieving professional women and men who are experiencing unfulfillment are taking their strengths and power back toward living a life on their terms!

 Have you found yourself feeling stagnant, sluggish, uninspired perhaps experiencing a toxic work environment OR are pivoting from a career that has you burned out and frustrated AND craving a life change that has you feeling pulled and directionless, you are in the right spot.

Does this sound familiar ?

  ▶︎  A stagnation and lack of purpose after committing yourself to a role(s) that has now changed. Or staying in a position or job, remaining unhappy.

 ▶︎ An emptiness after achieving something you thought would bring you joy or unfulfilled with no reason.

 ► An underlying feeling of having to do better with a steady anxiety on a daily basis, while running on all cylinders.

 ▶︎ A sinking feeling of "lack", even though you may have it all.

 ►Looking around believing everything is fine, just fine. Yet, realizing things really are not fine and the denial game in your mind is over, which has you simply, EXHAUSTED.

 ☛ If you nodded your head to any of the above, then keep reading.

I thought that for exceptional people, like me, feeling lost after a major life change, would never happen.

Boy, was I dead wrong.

Because I became a statistic, hence the poster child of stress, sleepless nights and pure exhaustion. And in fact, realized that exceptional people can experience a RUDE AWAKENING.

A RUDE AWAKENING is different because you are not falling, you are charging straight ahead and all of your choices have led you to the exact right spot, and you hit the wall.

You find out real quick that when you are moving top speed, hitting the wall is just as hard as hitting rock bottom. The feeling is the same, as it brings you to a dead stop, quick.

Except now, instead of blaming your unhappiness on your bad choices that led you there... you're in the position of looking at your life and not being able to figure out what's my true purpose and what's next?

You know you are super talented at what you do but it's time to reinvent yourself.

It's like you came to a sudden stop, for no reason. But, there is a reason for everything.

When I talk about hitting the wall or experiencing a RUDE AWAKENING, many say the same thing...

" On the outside my life looks perfect, but on the inside it does not feel close to that way at all."


I know, cause that's what happened to me

Hi there, my name is Jackie Ruka, a Professional Happyologist and Certified Harvard trained Success Coach, Author and Psychotherapist.

  ➤ In 2011, I was an award winning Sales and Marketing executive, traveling coast to coast, owned several homes, cars, attractive fiancé, all seemed right in my world. 

 ➤  I wanted to be happy, in fact I convinced myself that I was happy. Except there was this gnawing feeling within me that I was meant for more. That I had a higher purpose. This continued gnawing at me over time. In fact, several years. And I know I am not the only one.

 ➤ I had achieved so much in my career, climbed the corporate ladder, reached high levels of success and profitability. Unfortunately, once reaching the top of the mountain, the feeling and view was not what I expected. I felt empty and alone.

 ✳️  Until, I became aligned to my true purpose and assessed my life beyond a title and money.

And this is the line in the sand that separates those who thrive regardless of a pandemic, crisis, or overall bad day. You learn to drop what weighs you down and place the time, energy and cultivation of relationships to what truly matters to you.

Overall, you become centered and steady, once you determine what matters to you, what your soul purpose entails and gain the confidence to override the fear and narrow down your priorities and desires meant for you.

 ▶︎ After helping hundreds of people not living in their joy and experiencing it myself for almost three years… 

I can tell you there is probably no more aggravating form of mental and emotional pain than unhappiness and unfulfillment, and burnout ( or life fatigue) let's address this upfront.


Ground shattering TRUTH, a lack of joy affects every area of your life. EVERYTHING intensifies.

 ➤ A couple of weeks ago, a woman set up an appointment with me and she was overwhelmed and crying.  Her marriage was falling apart. She hated her job and she had been neglecting herself  and her health for years.  

 ➤  Clients come to us because they have accomplished a lot already. And although the traditional success boxes have been checked off, they are facing overwhelm, and stress that has compounded with facing brand new challenges at work and at home during these unprecedented times.

 ➤For many of these women, they feel like they are losing in all areas of their life and they don't know what to do about it.

The first thing you should appreciate: A lack of joy is something that can be fixed without drugs, countless years of therapy or hopping from coach to coach.


That’s right.  

I want to be clear. As a mental health therapist for many years, the stigma around mental health has been downright unnecessary. Mental health is part of our overall health and should be treated as such. Medications can absolutely help, if needed. However, until you unmask the root cause and heal those inner wounds, will your joy become paramount. So many dismiss the importance of mindset and your emotional wellness.


There is no shame or embarrassment to feeling your emotions and learning to better understand how to breakthrough to feeling yourself again or better yet, feeling the best you have ever felt! 


In fact, our feelings represent the GPS linked to our intuition. Masking or stunting feelings can lead to unease and disease. But your thoughts and feelings are just that, they do not define who you are, you have the power and ability to control and steer your life.


For the record, lack of joy or unfulfillment stems from years of compromising yourself.  So much so, you put others before your own needs, which leads to making choices that squash your deepest desires and true potential. 

There has got to be a better way !


And I am here to tell you: You deserve to be happy and prosperous! And,  I discovered a happier way to work and live in a self- discovery method that has you on your way to a better quality of life. That being said, I guide you to a more self-directed, holistic approach to living life in your higher. The mastery methodology teaches professionals  how to banish limiting beliefs and overwhelm, gain the clarity and own your new vision, where you can have a fulfilling and meaningful life without sacrificing  relationships, health, happiness and security.

Case Study: Take Tara, for example, who joined the Lifestyle program , as a exhausted tech manager in a unhealthy marriage . Tara had been burned out for nearly a decade, she was ready to make serious changes in her life, this included, changing out old, negative habits, perfectionism and compromising herself in her job and marriage. Tara gained her new found freedom, changed her job, her relationship , her home and how she decided to live her life from a soul sucking career to a freelance business owner in interior design, living a healthy, happy lifestyle at the beach in San Diego.

There are MANY positive directions one can go, however, choosing the right path for you takes positive steps and a plan and that is where support that is required comes into play.  You know you are meant for more than the cycle hamster wheel and are YOU  are worthy of it. 


Here are 4 of the steps that help you to begin transitioning from stagnant, unhappy, frustrated and overwhelmed to your HIGHER purpose, that aligns to your ultimate freedom, in the direction of a life on your terms. 

 1️⃣  Think Long term: Let's open the heart to your heart home, heart family, heart job and be authentic to your true self. Let's identify the patterns, acknowledge our crap and turn it all around. Finally, we will address your wants, needs and desires moving forward.

  2️⃣  Design your Ideal Life first:  You will learn the mindset, the energy and quality of life that creates the kind of environment and flow and then make it your own.

What’s important is you are here now to learn that it is never too late to live the life you desire.  


The clients who have experienced “a THRIVING Lifestyle” in six months have told me it changed their life in less time than 10 years of therapy combined, trying to figure things out! 


  3️⃣  Imagine your New Role : Imagine you are no longer compromising yourself. Imagine you are feeling free of old burdens and habits that are no longer serving you.  Imagine you are transformed to the person you are really meant to be, without hesitation. Imagine you are in a place where you feel free and safe, where a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Your mind is so relaxed and open that you can hardly believe you had been holding on to this old way of life and aspects of doing things.


When you embrace a new framework , you will feel good , creative and excited to your new found freedom. You will learn the up-spiral technique of managing negative emotions so they no longer manage you. And you will have made serious changes to your lifestyle  with new boundaries and coping abilities where life takes on new meaning and you are placing focus on what matters to you most, you and your deepest desires!  

It may seem unreachable but we see our clients do this every day.

4️⃣​  Earn while you learn for career changers: We teach you to utilize  your  career as a bridge to your freedom and profit plan. You will learn while you earn so you can take the steps required to slowly pivot while re-creating a business that incorporates wellness or choose a reframe the role you have one so you fall back in love with your purpose, and where you place your energy. Therefore you are not leaping you are flying toward what inspires you. This includes guiding you toward making financial and strategic moves, that are smart and powerful.

Want to know how?

What I shared above are a few steps  addressed with my clients in the 12 Month Elevate LifeStyle Mastermind , a hybrid wellness/business lifestyle program  plus wellness retreat that takes professionals from unfulfilled to fulfilled, energized with a new lease on life, address your health, wealth, spiritual and mental/emotional wellness. We will address, determining your strengths , purpose and core values.  We will address your gifts , creating  a new next level mindset, shifting to a new belief system and action steps that shift your direction toward an action plan that accelerates you to reach your higher purpose, that fulfills your soul calling.


Feeling joy, happiness and fulfillment in your life   and business or new venture  is where your confidence level soars and you are accomplishing your vision and reaching the success you deserve. And gaining the success mindset toward your next level.

This  is very private and exclusive, for the discreet professional.

Should you be interested in learning more? Here’s how to get started.

Step 1. Schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consult.  You can do that right here > 




At the scheduled time of your consult, we will share an open conversation and determine what aligns for you. We’ll use the opportunity to make sure we’re the perfect fit before you commit.

Step 2. Then we’ll get started! If you decide to work with me, I’ll tell you the exact steps for getting started. If you decide not to work with me or if we aren’t a perfect fit, I’m happy to share other resources to help you get what you need.

Have questions? Email me.

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