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Help! How do I go to the Next Level?

In this blog I share what stops us and the secret activation to begin transforming toward your new Next Level in your life and business direction.

Anytime you are facing a hurdle or have remained in the same spot in your life or business you will face the same daunting question: How do I upgrade, and fast!? Read on, I have got you covered.

Often staying in our comfort zone keeps us from moving forward toward positive change, in fact, procrastination sets in and we put off the very thing we need to be doing. Let me explain, it's known as the procrastination loop. And the way to flip this on it's head and the secret that many ultra successful people do is known as the success loop. You can adapt this to start going to your next level.

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Taking your life and business to the next level, is about growth. Growth is part of thriving. Staying stuck is surviving. I know you want to thrive, that's why you are reading this right now.

What you focus on expands. When you place action and focus, you are bound to get results. And success is doing these actions consistently. The key is to have a vision and intention which forms to create your plan that you place action upon on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Consistent action soon leads to both small and big wins and ultimately the success you want to achieve.

For example, at one time I used to work in a mental health facility, I was only 22 years old, fresh out of graduate school but I knew, deep down, I wanted to do more than work in a hospital and commute everyday to work in the snow and rain. In order to break free I had to figure out a way to make a change. Fast forward, two years in, I had just visited friends in San Diego and fell in love with California, my vision had just come alive! So, I set an intention to quit my job in 6 months and move to San Diego. I posted a timeline in my office and each day I had a goal to accomplish which got me closer to packing, moving and driving across country. It would of been easy to procrastinate or give up on my desire, especially since all my friends and family thought i was crazy to give up a good job to move to California. However, each day i had a goal with an action step. The action created momentum and motivation to continue onto the next action and then the next til I reached the 6 month mark on my calendar. The success loop supported my growth and abilities to move forward. By the way, I thought I would stay a year, a year turned into 25 glorious years of my life!

Trust yourself with knowing you are already successful, hence the adaptation of a growth mindset. The habits that we do each day sets us up to either exist or prevail.

In your Corner, Jackie


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