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How to Live a Life of "FLOW" Mini- Video Lesson

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Often I receive questions about how do I change my career or find my purpose or turn my life around? And my down and dirty response is; to learn how to live " in flow".

Living in flow is NOT, wishy washy or a generality, in fact it is based on the science of happiness or the study of Positive Psychology and it actually works! And I know this because not only did I study and learn it for myself but I also teach professionals, executives, and women how to master it for themselves, their careers, relationships and reaching your potential, especially toward a new next level in your life.

The process of flow is becoming clear and decisive. In other words, instead of stating I want to lose weight and get trim, state, I am at my goal weight of _____. Begin to visualize it, believe it and master the change of habits.

Another example might be, I want to make double the money I made last year. Successful people are clear, concise and decisive and by embodying those details your telling your brain it is achievable. Therefore, it's best to have the exact number you plan or will achieve.

Here is a quick mini- lesson I teach in the Mindset to Massive Success program that may help you. If you have questions or need help , feel free to contact me at or set up a time to determine if you want to go deeper:

Click the arrow to start.

Ready to turn your life or business around, want to reach happiness and redefine your success? Contact Jackie to learn more about the Breakthrough Rise to Thrive Method. Email her at or set up a consultation:


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