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         SUPERCHARGE YOUR JOY, PURPOSE AND                     PROSPERITY AS AN ENTREPRENEUR, CEO OR                                               SERVICE PROVIDER 






Are you surrounding yourself with people who lift you up, encourage YOU TO LEVEL UP and believe in your purpose and potential?

As a business owner with big goals, dreams and core values to be the best person you can be toward your self, your family, your kids, your friends you require people who support your growth on your business path. And not just any kind of people will do.


You need a powerhouse of passionate, driven, and successful entrepreneurs by your side. The kind of people who “totally get” what you’re trying to do in your life & business…because they are too!

 And that’s exactly what the Elevate Society is all about.

Get ready to experience a whole new level of growth and support as you grow your business with a A supercharged group of entrepreneurs who are present to support your personal growth and business growth development .

The Elevate Society is a mastermind that has you on track and supercharged in your genius zone and sweet spot  where all of your education, strengths, vision, desires and experience can be monetized toward solving a problem and takes you to the NEXT LEVEL that you deserve and desire in your business.

When you take the time to connect with a Mastermind group 2x a month, you can unleash the inner entrepreneur within you. You can achieve your goals and dreams. You can be happy, cause you are creating and producing results in your business.

We are on a mission to change the world starting with you. We will help you self-actualize your goals, dreams, and aspirations. We will help you be the best version of yourself and the time is now!

The Elevate Society takes a holistic approach to helping women and men 

-Connect with other passionate & driven women ( and men too) business owners who want to succeed…and who want to see you succeed too!

-Have a safe & supportive space to talk through business challenges & opportunities…and get insight from women who’ve been there and can actually help!

-Receive thoughtful insight & information from other members that will help you grow…and have an opportunity to share your own insight to help others grow too!

-Build powerful relationships & connections in the group…and foster referrals and connections outside of the group too!

-Learn from one another’s experiences…significantly shortening the learning curve as you hit new levels of growth in your business!

-Be held accountable for the taking action on the goals you’ve set…and help hold others accountable too!

-Have a lot of fun! Seriously. These mastermind sessions will become one of the highlights of your week!

▶︎Each mastermind session is a SUPERCHARGE ACTION space so you can secure your goals, gain time freedom, self - care and financial future. Giving yourself 90 minutes every two weeks to work on your business is a game changer.

 ▶︎Providing you with the tools to create a path forward with your expertise. Being in the Elevate Society is something you can use now to grow your business and not do it alone. It is focused, targeted and results in action and change. It enables us to realize our potential and achieve what we want in business and beyond.

▶︎We will support you every step of the way. Start with one small step to make your dreams come true, and you’ll find yourself in a whole new world.

 ▶︎ Get inspired with quick, easy bi-weekly steps that have been specially designed to help you unleash the power of your purpose, your business and your life journey.

It doesn’t require anything out of the ordinary. Just a desire to make progress along with a bit of discipline.

WE have helped hundreds of top professionals, who are action takers to ELEVATE their purpose and monetize their gifts and develop a plan to generate a lucrative income stream as an entrepreneur. (read about what others are saying! TESTIMONIALS)

Getting started is hard. Let’s make this easy for you. 👇🏽




GET STARTED TODAY! Fill out an application.

 The Elite Society is a One year mastermind from Jan.2022 to December 2022 that includes 2 bi - monthly group sessions, ONE private quarterly session with Jackie and optional in- person retreats to be announced. Full payment = $5k  Quarterly Payments = 4 payments $1375 or Monthly = $500

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