Hi I am Jackie Ruka, nice to meet you!

IToday I am a Harvard trained Success Coach, Psychotherapist since 1990 and an award winner Marketing Exec for several Fortune 500 companies.

 I am a trusted coach, consultant and mentor to clients who are CEO’s, business owners and  professional coaches and consultants. 

I am the happiest and healthiest I have been in a long time, am the best at what I do, positively changing people’s lives forever!

I have been been quoted or published in the Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch, Yahoo Finance, Lioness Magazine for Female Entrepreneurs, Daily Worth, Fox5, NBC, Philly.com, Health and Family, U-T San Diego, the San Barbara News-Press and SHRM, for changing lives of my clients in their business, to overcome self-limiting beliefs, and do even more in transforming mindset, health,  relationships and leadership performance.


BUT, about eight years ago my life was a hot mess. I walked away from a very successful 25 year corporate career, completely fried and unfulfilled.  My body was a big ball of nerves, my spirit was dampened and I begun to slip into a downward spiral.

It was a struggle to get out of bed, every muscle hurt, my brain was frazzled and my Dr. told me if I kept up the crazy pace,poor diet, no sleep or exercise I would not make it to age 70. That was my wake up call!

The transformation takeaway: It was time to live a life that I was strategically meant to live. Happy, confident and productive!

So, I became a best selling Author,with first hand knowledge of healing my body and mind  from crippling burn out and fatigue.  If I can overcome a debilitating condition, walk away from a six figure career to save my own life and write a best selling book, that’s pretty good for a dyslexic kid since kindergarten.

And the shift, we are stronger then we realize….

And You can do even more. You can become healthier, more productive and positive, while growing a successful business. Heal and enjoy your relationships. You can harness your passion, again, like I did! One inspirational step at a time.

 In addition to 5,000+ hours coaching professional women, CEO’s and entrepreneurs to work smarter, not harder, I am a certified member of the Experts Academy and contribute regularly on top podcasts and articles on happiness and success.

My coaching and mentoring is simple with consistent habit and business strategies plus accountability (with science based hacks, tah boot!) 

I found success through my passion with changing my thoughts, and the simple habits and mindset I teach – and on this journey you will become the most positive, energized, consistent, creative, inspired and successful person you have ever been!

Mentoring you to elevate and reach your potential in business and life is my purpose! 

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