Want Happiness and Success?
Now is your chance to closing the gap between the life you have and the life you want!


Breakthrough and turn your fear and overwhelm into clarity and confidence. Overcome obstacles and achieve that inner goal and desire that you finally want to reach with Jackie Ruka's Mindset to Success Method.


Allow me to introduce you to the 5 Step proprietary method that gives top professionals and women having trouble transforming your life and career into something new.

This is for you if  you have reached a great level of success already, but you are not fulfilled and have not found the right coach or mentor who gets YOU and understands the inner genius zone and clarity needed with moving forward?

Which is why you know you need a coach. Top professionals hire the best to get world class results that you demand. You can get this high level of elite training right in your home, office or wherever your busy life takes you.


The Mindset to Success Method is a systematic accomplishment coaching approach to success, is a personalized one - on -one ,with 5 simple steps that empower you to reach new levels in your life and career. HERE'S WHAT YOU GET:


 - Your Personal Blueprint - a  customized life-path-map of your goals. Mastering this will guide you on how to become successful in five steps or less. Includes a mp3 recording and downloadable print out. Your personal tool to forming the abundance you want in the most important areas  of your life, that matter to you most.

Eight One to One private Mindset Sessions - It's all about perception. When you see things differently than usual, it can open up new doors and opportunities for success, each session has you achieving more in 12 weeks than you have in a year.

-   A NEW daily practice - This is not a one time event. This is a daily practice for your mind. You will be able to get control of your life and business. With this method, you will be able to overcome any challenges you have in your life and manifest your desires by being aligned to your new belief system and eradicating subconscious blocks with money, confidence and old habits.

-  Empower and Uplevel Yourself without Overwhelm or Anxiety

- Time to Evolve Into a New Stage of Your Life. Master Your Mindset to Become Successful in 5 Steps. 

Mindset to Success Method benefits:


✔Create a foundation for you to be successful in all areas of your life.

✔Tame the clutter on the inside as well as outside.

✔Clear out the energy sucking negative thoughts you keep having.
GO from confusion to clarity on your goals and intentions to have a successful life and business..

✔Be confident to live the life you want and have the business or career you want.

✔ Form a roadmap to your success with clear actionable steps and walk away with your new next level ACTION PLAN with proven, simplified strategies that GET RESULTS.

- Jackie Ruka, is the only Professional Happyologist and Certified Success Coach who invented the mental, emotional, and spiritual process to support your happiness leading to success and unlocking the next level to the areas in your life that matter most to you. Jackie herself has developed and perfected over 20+ years, working thousands of hours with people including CEO's, executives, women in business, millionaires and visionaries.



Coaching spots are limited, so don't wait another minute wondering if Mindset to Success Method is for you- sign up now for your free consultation.

Young Consultant

Carrie Stiles

CEO , Stiles Enterprises

Simply put, Jackie is dedicated, smart, and truly committed to helping  her clients create positive lasting change in their lives, both personal and professional. She challenges you to bring out the best in you. Thanks again for your help. You rock!

Image by Manny Moreno

David Ny

Sales Performance Trainer -

President NY Sales Consulting

“There is nothing like a mentor to learn new skills in the fastest way possible. Jackie has deep knowledge in working in highly competitive environments plus she knows the spiritual and mental capabilities that we need to bring to our work to be at our best. This combination of business savvy and knowing the inner game is just what I've needed to not only be great at what I do, but also make great money. I come away from our meetings knowing exactly what I set out to do!

Thank you,  Jackie

David Ny: President/Sales Training NY Consulting