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Helping thousands of People Move closer to their Goal of a Happier Way to Work & Live!

 It's time to go to your NEXT LEVEL to create a positive impact on the life and business you desire!
Hi I am Jackie, a Professional Happyologist, Best Selling Author, Success Coach, and Well Being Consultant.

I teach corporate women, executives and entrepreneurs on how to pivot your purpose and live life on your terms. Determine your genius zone and develop a positive can-do mindset that accelerates you to reach fulfillment in your life, wellness, work and relationships.

How I will help you Have a Happier Life and More Fulfilling Career:
✔Empower you to have the life you want on your terms.
✔Create a foundation for you and your team to be successful in your business and career.
✔Tame the clutter on the inside as well as outside.
✔Clear out the energy sucking negative thoughts and claim a success mindset
✔Go from confusion to clarity on your goals and intentions to have a successful business life, family life and health.
✔Strategies and tools to achieve your desires for your business goals and gain the success mindset and tools to make it happen TODAY!
✔CONFIDENCE to live the life you want and have the freedom you want.

Many of our 5000 clients have:
➤  Launched a new recession proof strategy with a happier team culture.
➤  Become experts and leveraged their skills with a platform
➤  Released negative thinking and burdensome habits
➤  Become six to seven figure earners and living a freedom based life, doing what they love!

➤ Clients have felt the best they have ever felt in years, are healthier, happier, stress free and confidant while enjoying relationships and an overall good feeling of well-being while earning a great living as a business owner, public figure and CEO.

Achieve the fulfillment, clarity and success you desire,with the mindset and action steps that will 10X your LIFE to the Next Level.


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Pivot & Elevate your Purpose in 2022

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Meet Jackie, Chief Optimist Officer of JR International LLC, #1 best Selling Author of the book Get Happy and Create a Kick Butt Life!, Motivational Speaker and 7- figure Success Coach and Leadership Trainer. Jackie is known for her no nonsense, science based strategies that create life-changing impact for CEO's, executives, business owners and womenpreneurs. She is one of the most sought after personal and professional development consultants of 2021.

Jackie is a trained Psychotherapist who has been quoted in , Yahoo Finance, Wall Street Journal, Daily Worth, WE Women's magazine and SHRM for her knowledge with helping clients overcome limiting beliefs, business obstacles, and forming success habits that work! In addition, Jackie's 20+ years as an award -winning marketing executive has changed brands from $1m to $2.3B for organizations  such as Bristol Myers-Squibb, Pfizer, Glaxo Smith-Kline, and Sanofi.

Jackie is a certified Leadership and Success coach (affiliated with Harvard University and Medical School) a Masters from Hahnemann University Medical School and BS Roger Williams University. She paints her life canvas at the beach in South Carolina. And her mission is to inspire action! Learn her story of disrupting the stress to  success paradigm...

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 Dennis Shaver

Author,CEO Product on Demand

Your guidance was exactly what I needed to keep me focused on the path of what matters most to me: My "Book and Beyond journey". In fact, your efforts helped me go beyond what I ever imagined: A #1 International Best Seller on Amazon, WOW!!! Thank you!


Idelle Steinberg

Principal Steinberg Insurance

Having Jackie  as my mentor has helped me focus on what I specifically want to do and where my passion lies. It wasn’t easy to eliminate stuff that I believed I required. But Jackie’s insight sharing helped me get on the road that has been calling yet didn’t hear. I recommend Jackie Ruka’s MasterClass for anyone looking to get their business or passion on track and moving forward.


Joe Chancellor

Author, Speaker, Marketing Framework Specialist

What’s most important for you to know as a person who has found Jackie, on Facebook or by reading one of her books is that she is now giving you the opportunity to find what’s missing in your life and how to achieve success and do it with your happiness and true pride in your next decision. After all, when was the last time you were able to see five or ten years into the future and how what you do today will create the opportunity that follows. Jackie will help you see this ultra important process and you will be in a better position from it.

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