Learn the Secrets to Living Your Best Life! A free online workshop where you will learn:

-The 3 levels of Happiness

-Science to a Happier Life

- 2 minute Hacks to a Success Mindset

- how your Happiness Leads to Success in Relationships, Health, Finances and your Purpose. Coming Soon! 



Living and Working on Purpose is crucial to a sustainable business.

Jackie offers individual and group coaching to executives, business owners and leadership teams.


- Receive a free behavioral assessment to learn your success style or your teams success style.



Mindset Matters! You must believe enough in yourself with a I CAN, I WILL approach.

90% of success comes from mindset 10% is skillset.

Learn the factors to success in your life and business, with support, action and accountability.

Book your Next Level session today! 


The Life Makeover is designed to focus on ONE area of your life while still improving the other areas of your well-being.

What needs serious attention in your life right now? 

Maybe it's money, relationship, career or focus upon yourself?

The goal? To move you very quickly from problem to solution.

I can usually see the gap and bigger picture and initiate a plan with powerful coaching and mentoring. The 8 week program are for those committed to powerful change. ( people have said I have done more for them in 8 weeks than 8 years of therapy or consulting).

The investment is usually $2500 for CEO's, however, not everyone is a CEO but wants to reach success so I am offering the program for 50% off at $1250. The investment includes the tools, action steps, support, accountability and weekly mentoring.

Book a complimentary breakthrough call today and learn if this is for you.


I appreciate you!

Please connect with   me on social, XO  -JR

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