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VIP Wellness Weekenders:
Invitation Only

An exclusive,  Weekender - Customized for Executives, Corporate Warriors and Private Clients 2024 openings 

Grow Your Vision and Be
Authentically YOU!

Part of defining or refining your purpose is to have passion and gravitate toward your true essence, with support of of a guide, coach, and or mentor where nothing is off the table to share.

I invite CEO's, corporate warriors, executives and women , as well as, aspiring and existing entrepreneurs to a safe place to enjoy heart centered support of your growth and journey , learn and  gain impactful success pearls for you to reach an enjoyable, lucrative business/career path & life, after all isn't that the whole point?

I host weekender private and customized VIP's at a quiet getaway,  to enjoy some special down-time, a few outstanding wellbeing and wellness strategies plus powerful coaching and brainstorm sessions. However, space is very limited. We invite you to the VIP!

We believe and seek both, success in business and a fulfilling, enjoyable life! Yes, we can and deserve both.

                                ARE YOU FEELING THESE VIBES ?

                                  Then it's time to set up your VIP with Jackie!

Reading with Coffee


What we are About

What I have noticed missing in our everyday lives is the celebration of YOU, the celebration of the small and big decisions we make on our own without the support or help or sound board of others who are cheering you on consistently with support and belief in your willing and potential.

Being part of a VIP is amazing. You'll feel inspired . You'll feel hella supported in everything you do and pursue.

Plus, you get crystal clear for those who go all in, we find that in doing the work we get clearer, we undo untruths, we uncover THEIR truth and in ways we never could have constructed from our previous reality, we bring in the dreams and desires that nudged us along and helped us remember to keep going. And the gunk and stress falls away, cause  there is no resistance. Just flow.

Personal growth is a journey of self discovery. Our life purpose is a journey of service. When we combine the intention to serve the world on a journey of self discovery, magic unfolds.

Hi I am Jackie

My name is Alexa Young

Everything I have in my life was once a vision and a dream.

My book was a dream.

My business was a dream.

My leaving a stress filled life was a dream.

It was hard putting these visions together, cause I did not trust myself. So , life around me became more intense than my inner determination.

Years later, lots of life lessons, two major car accidents and healing later, my gratitude  for my life and business is my biggest gift.

Breaking through to the other side of the dream , over and over, again and again has led me to not only certainty but my personal power and abundance mindset to truly creating a life and business I love~

to relax into my flow and genius zone with bringing what you want - to you.

Mastering this magic, does not happen alone. It happens with intention, in nature, in slowness with support to uplift you and what happens..

- your clarity goes way up

- your vision becomes touchable

- new opportunities and money and like- minded people pour in.

MORE Power. MORE Flow. MORE Prosperity.



About my background: My Dad was a banker in Real Estate and Mom an Interior Designer. Both incorporated vision and strategy into the lives of those they impacted.

I learned early on about creativity and mastering the mind, I was infatuated with how our brains work.

My early career I was a practicing Psychotherapist turned Corporate  launching brands from 0 to $2B. I learned how to master the money game but more importantly I learned  true wealth which is our well-being , doing our purpose in life and taking the time to enjoy life with those we love. Once we master our subconscious mind, we become unstoppable and it is my joy to empower that within others, to be and share their gift and purpose in life.

What Happens NEXT !

In 2024 we will come together to design the next steps in this wondrous journey.

I feel like there is space in 2024 for several weekenders openings for you to choose from for those who are committed to growth, service and abundance.

If that might be you reach out. Know that it's a commitment first to yourself, second to the world, and third to your new vision.

It's a customized weekend. For you, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Every person is challenged, in a good way. To decompress. Every person leaves feeling inspired and refreshed.

With being real and designing a wellbeing plan + business or career that works for your life, not mine or anyone else's, as the foundation...
NOW we can put the pieces in place to create the conversations you will have  to determine your crystal clear purpose and bring your message to life, not with someone else's noise out there, rather with you leading a mission of your perfect genius zone come to life.

This is how breakthroughs happen. And it is nothing short of pure love and personal power of your true essence. Where you have no fear, simply because you are learning the art of FLOW, of GLIMMERS with reprogramming the subconscious and eliminating the limiting beliefs holding you back and you can leap into a mind balance of who you are meant to be and grow without pain or imposter or stuckness.

Included  with the VIP support are private sessions with me,  that unleashes the life , business/ career you desire  and this WHOLE process starts to POUR IN the abundance that you have within to meet with what is meant for you!

Set up your custom VIP with Jackie. Located in Hilton Head Island or Palmetto Dunes ( Montage), Bluffton SC. Investment: $5k ( accommodations and travel not included)

Included: 2.5 days with Jackie includes one adventure activity, one wellness activity, lunch, beach/biking and power sessions.

Email Jackie dates you are interested in and she will set up a time for a call to set up for your custom VIP.

Meditate at the beach


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Booking Private VIP Retreats for 2024

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