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Helping your Organization and it's People to Thrive!

ABOUT US: We are a coaching and consulting boutique whose focus is to uplift the lives of professionals, employees and that of  their organizations, to work optimally and thrive on purpose. Assisting clients to form harmony in the workplace, develop flow, a success mindset, happiness habits, employee engagement, positive human behavior, work/life integration encouraging overall health, happiness, productivity and wellbeing whilst adding to the bottomline.

The goal is to form E.L.F. - ELEVATED, LUCRATIVE and FUN back into your organization and life and no longer experience HARD, ANNOYING, LAME and FRUSTRATION.


We thrive by providing Positivity, Purpose and Profits as solutions . Specializing in happiness habits and strategies in the Workplace that promote the 5 essential components of Wellbeing.

Expertise: Working with leaders is where I develop a path for my clients and their teams to reach high performance backed by science.

 ✦ They understand the concept to manage change of today in order to reach results.
✦ They see the value of coaching in leadership to further grow their organization, develop positive habits and maintain retention.
✦ They seek a consultant to reduce potential risks & maximize the possibilities for the future.
✦ They embrace the success factors incorporated toward reaching your deep desired vision with increasing profits on average 22% - 40%



Mindset to Success

Human Behavior/Happiness habits


Change Management

Employee Engagement

Mental Wellness backed by science

Leadership and Executive Coaching

Marketing and Sales Improvement Strategies

Wellbeing/Wellness program creation

Work/Life Balance Integration

Why Work with Us: What differentiates us is we are the only organization that offers business consulting with wellbeing as the key to success. We recognize that people are the backbone to any companies success, tapping into human needs is our magic sauce.  Jackie has diverse experience consulting/contracting/working with solopreneurs/experts, small business, to Fortune 100/500 with growth from 0 up to $2B.

(Learn more about private executive coaching services,  OR burnout recovery program for executives.)



MyType Covid Interface app - start- up, global quality of life/Marketing placement/Investor buy-in $12M

Brain Balance Achievement Center -  operational cost effectiveness with 40% enrollment increase with increase in productive work flow and staff morale.

Bristol- Myers Squibb - $1M in budget savings Medical Affairs department introducing customer inquiry technology. Decrease in manpower hours implementing an automation service.

Client Praise: 

NY Sales Consulting, David Ny Sales Trainer  -

“There is nothing like a mentor to learn new skills in the fastest way possible. Jackie has deep knowledge in working in highly competitive environments plus she knows the spiritual and mental capabilities that we need to bring to our work to be at our best. This combination of business savvy and knowing the inner game is just what I've needed to not only be great at what I do, but also make great money. I come away from our meetings knowing exactly what I set out to do!

Thank you,  Jackie


Corporate and mental wellness is the new paradigm and it's essential that your employees feel safe, enthusiastic and motivated in times of change. Set them up for success and determine  the root cause to employee workplace unhappiness for baseline understanding.

Set up a consultation and  Workplace Happiness Survey for companies with 25 employees or more to determine what stage of change your organization is facing and how to navigate forward and leverage the strengths and hidden gems to move productivity and profits into motion and momentum. Contact us below for a consultation.

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