Ready to Make Money as a Coach or Service Provider                                 in 2022 and reach a six figure income?

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               co - hort;  Pivot Profit Plan Accelerator and                                     launch your dream business in record time!

 Apply Now for a Free Money and Time Freedom Blueprint               for High Achieving Professionals to Expand their                 Background, Education & Experience into a High Ticket                                    Signature Service or Program.


"For the last few years I have been coaching professional women and men learn to package their education, knowledge, expertise and experience into a signature coaching, consulting or service based hight ticket offer and grow their own successful business plus create a life on their terms. Seeing the transformation that can happen in condensed timeframes when supported in this work is pretty magical. After helping hundreds of people pivot from corporate, or move forward from life & career changes, to create a new lifestyle and step into their power, the Pivot Profit Plan Accelerator was developed. " I will assist you to turn your struggle and get into action fast!  Jackie

You don't feel ready

The truth is you will never feel 100% ready to take that next, game changing step.

However, that does not mean it's the wrong move or the wrong time.

As you go through the process of developing the CEO mindset, it's only natural to feel emotions, thought patterns and doubt. Every successful business owner experiences these emotions from time to time.

In this program, we hold the space for you to feel supported as you navigate this new journey and teach you how to rise, and move forward.


Learn what to do without all the expense. I will teach you what to do and what not to do both online and offline.

No website needed

No complicated sales funnel required

The foundation to be up and running online and offline

What to price your package or service

Save time, learn the 1,2,3 steps to getting your ideal clients


You wake up excited with a new and clear sense of purpose!

You feel empowered knowing what to do with attracting your first or several set of clients!

You have a clear goal and step by step plan to get there.

You are making money or begin to make money online.

You have accountability and community, you are not alone and have support every step of the way.

But don't take our word for it, read what our clients experienced...


Dennis Shaver, Entrepreneurial Coach, Best Selling Author

" Thank you for your fantastic coaching support , Jackie! Your guidance was exactly what I needed to keep me focused on the path of what matters most to me: My "Book and Beyond journey". In fact, your efforts helped me go beyond what I ever imagined: A #1 International Best Seller on Amazon, WOW!!! Thank you and from this day forward, the way to go is Onward & Upward! "

Idelle Steinberg, Principal Steinberg Insurance Retirement Services

“Having Jackie Ruka as my coach has helped me focus on what I specifically want to do and where my passion lies. It wasn’t easy to eliminate stuff that I believed I required. But Jackie’s insight sharing helped me get on the road that has been calling yet didn’t hear. I recommend Jackie Ruka’s coaching services for anyone looking to get their business or passion on track and moving forward.”

Portrait of a Senior Man

David Ny, Sales Performance Trainer

There’s nothing like a mentor to learn new skills in the fastest possible time. Someone who has been there and done what you want to do. I have transformed my career from being a successful sales leader in large companies to coaching entrepreneurs, business owners and sales teams to get better at selling. I am still learning and that’s where Jackie comes in.

Jackie has deep business savvy from her 15+ years in Fortune 500 companies, working in challenging and highly competitive environments. Plus she understands the emotional and spiritual side of ourselves that we need to bring to our work to be at our best. This combination of business savvy and knowing the inner game is just what I needed to be great at what I do, but also make great money

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