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How to Acquire Mental Freedom as a Woman Leader

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Indecision is a form of self- abuse, mental freedom is a form of acquiring results, this determines everything in your life and your business.

What I have learned growing up around strong women and being one myself are the default modes that subconsciously take place such as the good wife, good mother, good girl, good sister, good employee; the dependable one. Often, the subconscious default mode holds us back from our own singular self with doing what makes us feel free, happy, passionate and "enough". Yet, we do more , take on more than most, focus on the details, ruminate at night, go non-stop in top performance mode all while making sure the kids, family, house and finances are growing and where they need to be in your business, as well.

Women are waking up and aligning to our power, our strength our ultimate self and not afraid to express it. Women are realizing we are worthy and not willing to settle. The good news is women are starting to get paid what they are worth and expressing their unhappiness when not compensated appropriately. In addition, more female entrepreneurs are growing 2x faster.

So what holds women back from success in most cases? According to Sally Helgeson author of the book How Women Rise. Helgeson notes two of the 12 habits that hold women back from success she surveyed and recognised are: "that ambition is a bad thing and you can't be a wonderful and caring person and also ambitious."

Secondly, women believe that if they don't do a great job on everything, they have fallen seriously short." Where the self-defeating dialogue sets women up for placing her job before her career. Trying to please everyone in every circumstance.

This does not have to be you, at least not anymore. As you rise to your potential, there are easier ways and perceptions to do so without having to look over your shoulder, in fact men do it all the time. It's called mental freedom. That does not mean you should act or be like a man, in fact the opposite. What it does mean is to focus upon your intentions, trust your gut, not worry about what others think and stay the course without the good girl recordings playing in the background. Embracing mental freedom is the ability to detach from the external labels and make choices for oneself. Very often we get caught up in negative thoughts that might have occurred to us during tough situations and we get accustomed to living with it.

Point being, it's time to learn mental freedom, this step alone diminishes limited beliefs for good so you can skyrocket your confidence, cash flow and live in purpose and prosperity. It's your time to shine!

Meet Jackie Ruka, Author, Professional Happyologist and Success Coach. She helps CEO's, woman professionals and overachievers reach mental freedom, skyrocket confidence and happiness that inspires your purpose and prosperity. Join the newsletter and grab her free scientific tips download.

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