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The Most Powerful Way to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind to Get What you Want.

It's your minds job to always be operating. And our subconscious mind is doing so 90% of the time. What we absorbed as a child up to now has essentially formed our abilities and inabilities to get what we want. Yet, there is a powerful way to overcome our blocks and limiting beliefs that you can put into action to achieve what you want.

Our brain responds to two aspects: detailed language with the words we tell it and images. And it's our job to tell it relevant and exciting descriptive words and saying so in the present tense. You have to say NOW. I have ten thousand dollars in my bank account now, as an example.

Secondly, our brain responds to images. The pictures we create in our heads are powerful! For example: I required a new car and wanted a compact , WHITE ,SUV with tan leather interior, low miles and in great condition, with only one owner and had zero accidents, it's zippy with amazing gas mileage.

So my RAS, reticular activating system went to work. Because my brain was so intent on exactly what I wanted. THE RAS part of our brain has the ability to filter out external noise and direct attention to what is important and novel.

I saw myself driving this vehicle, being behind the wheel and driving with the road in front of me, in my new shiny, fun, reliable white SUV. ( what stood out on the road while I was out and about was white SUV's, and exactly a week later I was test driving a white SUV which had all the details I want and more, with the price I knew I could afford!) That vehicle is now in my driveway as I write this blog.

Successful people have positive BELIEFS and it's our beliefs that can either bring you closer or farther away from what you want. Successful people utilize dynamic and descriptive words that IGNITE feelings of excitement, feelings of confidence, feelings regulated inside as the amazing, magnet that I AM. Now this is not always easy or possible in a regular basis but there is a neuroscience trick I will share...

There are only two states we as humans operate from: A POWERFUL state or a PRIMAL state. It's your choice to determine what state you want to operate from.

A POWERFUL state or a PRIMAL state.

A POWERFUL state is operating from: fulfillment, joy, satisfaction, centeredness, peace, balance, stamina, self- mastery, self- belief, positivity, compassion, self- love or love in general, clarity, intuition, faith, optimism, genius zone, confidence, etc.

A PRIMAL state is operating from: self-doubt, fear, frustration, anger, self-defeat, negative self-talk, overwhelm, stress, loathing, hopelessness, discontent, anxiety, depressed mood, burnout, exhaustion, fatigue, self- sabotage, resistance, self-deception, perfectionism, shame, pain, confusion, imposter syndrome, rumination, "not enough" etc.

Success likes repetition. The more you repeat and feel your want or desire the better and greater the chance of it happening.

By telling your mind something different, you can reverse your limiting beliefs and be UNSTOPPABLE. Ofcourse, going deeper means unrooting subconscious limiting beliefs, holding you back.

In addition, there is a specific way to generate positive words via AFFOREMATIONS, which is different that AFFIRMATIONS. AFFOREmations is asking yourself a question to achieve a positive goal. Instead of I am confident. Ask your self, Why am I so confident everyday? By asking positive questions focused on what you want to achieve, you engage your subconscious mind in finding solutions and reasons for your success. This can help shift your mind and perspective, making it easier to work toward your goals.

It's important to get crystal clear on exactly what you want. Therefore, you must be aware of what is blocking you consciously and subconsciously. Which can be tricky unless you are willing to go a little deeper with your belief of what is POSSIBLE!

Self-help books and therapy can help however, unless you are uncovering the root cause and forming forgiveness and closure, you remain holding onto old recordings that you may not be aware of, holding you back from that new job, new business, harmonious relationship and /or increased financial freedom.

Learn more about overcoming and releasing self limiting beliefs to achieve the success you want in the BeSpoke Mindset to Success program. Learn more by clicking: HERE. Or learn about the life changing transformative experience with Elevate your Life!


Meet Jackie, Professional Happyologist and Success Coach. Want a happier work/life? Jackie teaches high performing professionals how to overcome obstacles, for quick wins and the mindset to reach a happier , more successful version of you!


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