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How to develop a Money Mindset during a Crisis

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

It's usually when there are breakdowns that breakthroughs occur and as we navigate this crisis most are anxious about money, no doubt. However, let's take a look at opportunity and shifts that can add value to your mindset about money.

It may be difficult right now with massive change occurring around us to stay focused however, let's look back in history when the plague struck London in 1593, Shakespeare was unable to have his playwrights performed as the theatres closed for 14 months, and during that time he wrote Romeo and Juliet. Opportunity also took place during the Great Depression and gave birth to Scotch tape, the fluorescent light bulb and Hewlett and Packard joined together. I share this to open your mind to the many ways in which new opportunities are everywhere and most are created.

Step One: When you open yourself up to opportunity, you will attract money. It may not look like what you expect, therefore don't focus on where you have been, focus on what you can offer and pay attention to the clues.

Step Two: Money will always match your mindset, which it precisely the reason to increase your positive vibration and uplevel your thoughts from scarcity (not enough and can't afford) to abundance ( limitless, effortless and enough).

Step Three: Decide if money is a problem or a gift? If it's a problem, you will have problems. If it's a gift, you will have gratitude for all you have and receive each day, no matter how big or small.

Step Four: Shift your thoughts, shift your feelings and shift your actions in a new direction. What you place energy upon expands.

Lastly, write down your beliefs about money.

Determine if these beliefs stop or serve you from attracting money.

Write down 5 reasons to attract more money?

Now, write down a problem or current complaint you have? Then turn it into a product or service.

Remember money is just a tool and your perception about money is a choice. This choice is in your mind. So decide if money is a problem or a gift?

I want to help you grow in your business and be your most authentic self, doing what you love, on purpose and living a healthy, happy and prosperous life. Get started and download the cheat sheet to jumpstart your happiness and wealth set point. Check out the transformational programs for you to thrive! Join the Thinking and Growing Rich Success group on FB.

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