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Positive Money Mantras for Entrepreneurs

Positive Money mantras are effective when consistently utilized everyday, I met quarterly $1M goals in sales with ease, flow and confidence. 👇🏽

❌ But this did not happen easily. I came from a family whose belief was "Money does not grow on trees"and all my ancestors saved everything, never threw out leftovers and worked their fingers to the bone inherited from the generational lineage mindset of my great grandparents struggles during the Great Depression.There was always an undercurrent of constant worry about money.

Can you relate to having a money story that is inhibiting you and your desires for success in your life, business, relationships and leisure?

It's time to make shifts.

►Once I aligned with my purpose, followed a system and practiced my money mindset consistently, I always hit my goals, without worry.

Positive money mindset works when you BELIEVE. CONCEIVE. and RECEIVE, without resistance.

Try these ones on for size:

1. I am totally safe financially

2. I always have more than enough money to buy whatever I desire

3. I get paid every day

4. I am great with money

5. It is effortless to attract money to me

6. Clients find me out of nowhere

7. I get to have fun and make money

8. I trust myself with money

9. I am happy and grateful to receive money consistently.

10. I am fortunate.

11. I am capable of receiving large sums of money.

Save this and read them aloud every day!

Are you excited to grow your business with more ease? Let me know in the comments!

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