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How to be Happy in 2021!

We all know resolutions don't really work, in fact writing out your goals is a close second. So how can you be happy in 2021 and make it count so your desires happen? Do this first...

  1. Take inventory of how much you have grown this past year. Celebrate how far you have come . What have you learned about yourself and what have you realized as being important to you? (maybe you are tired of being single and want love in your life, maybe it's time for a new career or maybe you have a creative project/new business idea that's been calling your name)

  2. Embrace what matters most to you, your values and the daily small stuff that gives you gratitude. Write out your values and or change them to the values that match your future self.

  3. Life has it's ups and downs but you get to control how you react. You control your own state. Choose a state that supports rock solid confidence.

  4. Hang out with those who feel like sunshine. Science tells us positive people who support you improves your confidence and happiness.

  5. Practice and master the most important form of sustainable well-being...your purpose. When you do what you know you are meant for on this planet you have reached spiritual happiness. ( so never give up)

  6. Instead of writing your resolution or goals, create your vision. Discover your future self and what you want to accomplish, what does that look and feel like for you? What skills will you take with you? What's your dream job, relationship, home, finances, daily life, creative endeavors, health, friends, interactions, in your minds eye. Then write out your vision on a sheet of paper. Writing out your vision helps you to think bigger, it clears out the cobwebs for greater clarity, helps you meet your accomplishments which improves achievement. Once you have your vision then you can go ahead and break it down into bite size goals.

Please Like and share with someone who will benefit. Happiness is contagious and we need more of it moving forward into 2021. Wishing you a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year!


Jackie Ruka is a Professional Happyologist and Success Coach . Jackie is dedicated to disrupting unfulfillment and negativity in our lives and workplace and teaches her clients to reach their highest potential. To optimize your life and business check out her book "Get Happy and Create a Kick-Butt Life". Or Hire Jackie to train your team or sign up for a Claim My Power Now breakthrough session.


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