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Thinking and Growing Rich During a Crisis

Thinking and Growing Rich in the middle of a crisis may bring on anxiety with thoughts of not knowing about the future. However, Napolean Hill states, there is one quality in which one must possess to win and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants and a burning desire to possess it.

First, let's manage any anxiety you may be feeling right now. The number one way to do that is aligning; your mind, your body and your heart while releasing limiting beliefs. Be in the present and get clear on what you really want, go within and listen to your heart's desire. When you focus on your desires, your fears fade. The goal is to focus on the present and what you can control.

Be in a state of ALLOWING. Open your mind to opportunities. You may actually be three feet from gold, meaning, don't quit right before the miracle. As Napolean Hill stated, " one of the most common causes of failure is the habit of quitting when one is overtaken by defeat. Therefore, begin to service your mind to bear fruit. By having a strong belief in yourself encourages a feeling of LIMITLESS.

We all experience limiting beliefs, but why is that? It's about a perception that was instilled within you about your self worth. And it may be time to redefine your self worth and recognize that your talents, purpose and presence matters. You are enough. Remember that always. and say it often, I am enough.

It's crucial to have a strong feeling of self worth as it affects your mindset. And money will always match your mindset. When you open yourself to opportunities, you attract money. Imagine amazing and wonderful opportunities are around you and let go of any titles holding you in place.

My question for you is do you perceive money as a problem or a gift? Once you realize it's a gift and you have gratitude each day for it, you will attract it.

Action Steps:

Write down your beliefs about money?

Determine if these beliefs stop or serve you from attracting money?

5 Reasons to attract more money.

Remember , money is just energy and a tool. Your perception about money is a choice. That choice is in your mind. Your positive thoughts and positive energy attracts money and money will match your mindset. Believe and receive.


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