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4 Ways to Overcome Pandemic and Election Fatigue

During this unprecedented time, we all have experienced the spectrum of emotions. No matter who you voted for and how this pandemic has effected you and your family, fatigue may have set in.

One very important step is to take time to recover, according to Positive Psychologist, Tal-Ben Shahar. Stress does not have to be negative, in fact, it can build resilience. Think about how building strength by lifting weights at the gym creates stress on muscle groups. If one continues, those muscles become tired and fatigued. However, with time in between for recovery your muscles work more effectively to gain strength and burn fat. The same holds true for self preservation, we all require time to recover.

Secondly, according to Duke University, exercise has been shown to boost mood in comparison to most pharmaceuticals. Exercise induces the feel good hormone known as endorphins. which stimulates the brain in a good way. It's also important to maintain your health and sustain or boost your immune system, which derails fatigue and presumably Covid.

Third, is gratitude. A surefire way to switch out the negative is focus upon what you are grateful for. The smell of coffee in the morning, clean sheets, a belly laugh, the person who let you in line at the grocery store, take a moment to say thank you. Gratitude is like a warm hug, it leaves you feeling good and different then you did prior to it. Studies show that gratitude is the number one form of improving happiness. Try it each evening as an inventory of your day.

Lastly, they say friendship doubles joy and cuts grief by half. Humans are wired to connect to each other. As much as community is vital to our well-being, it's important to stay connected to friends especially during Covid times. Digital technology, Facebook, facetime, messaging or writing a friend are all good forms of communication. Camaraderie, laughing and sharing are essential to our mental health and relieves stress.


Professional Happyologist and Harvard Trained Success Coach, Jackie Ruka, empowers CEO's, Women in Business and Global Organizations to thrive in their purpose and create happier work and personal lives, go from breakdowns to breakthroughs. Jackie has moved brands and teams forward from $100M to $2B. To reach positivity, purpose and profits, contact Jackie for a free consultation. Or email Jackie to speak at your next event:


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