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How to Reach Career Fulfillment

It's 2020 and with this fresh new energy, where would you like to be in your health, career, finances, home life, relationships and flow of everyday life? Pick two major areas where you are feeling unfulfilled, now hear me out....

Think about what makes you unique. Your wisdom, personality, life experience, strengths, background, even major life transformations are key ingredients that comprise your natural abilities, namely your gifts. I call this your genius zone. Are you tapping into this part of you daily, weekly, monthly?

Imagine taking your genius zone and packaging it in such a way that the life you truly desire: freedom, fulfillment, time to travel , relax and enjoy free time with family and friends is based on your terms. You can turn your genius zone into a life you not only imagine, but into reality. Granted, this does not happen overnight however, as you chip away at what's not working in your life and develop a plan toward what fulfillment looks and feels like for you, you can then place productive energy toward a plan than is no longer a dream.

Take John for example. John switched gears from being a restaurant owner for 30 years in snowy, cold Minneapolis and he and his wife moved to Florida to live a more relaxed, sunny lifestyle. John wanted to take all of his restaurant knowledge to consult with new restaurant owners and prevent them from making mistakes he experienced over the years. But he was not sure how to do this and lacked confidence in expressing his genius zone? Thus he was feeling frustrated and unfulfilled.

When I worked with John, it was astounding as to how much knowledge he had in business and the value he could offer to solve the problems of current restaurant owners. So, we put together his vision and plan, and once we packaged his genius zone, he was up and running!

Here’s what John had to say :“I was having difficulty with my confidence as I was changing careers, and then I had the opportunity to work with Jackie Ruka. With Jackie I was able to find the self-confidence and direction to reach my full potential as I embarked on a new and exciting career. I found Jackie to be professional and extremely proficient in her coaching abilities. Jackie held me accountable and with her insightful and meaningful guidance. I am now on a path to very exciting and prosperous new career. Thank you Jackie, I will always reach out to you if my journey becomes clouded and in need of direction.” -John E Anderson, Restaurant Consultant, Author of; 101 Tips for Restaurant Success

So, what is your biggest challenge with getting your genius zone, known and heard? And where do you want to be 6 months, 12 months or 2 years from now?

There is only one YOU, don’t let another year go by feeling the “shoulda, coulda, woulda” mindset. It’s time to place your dream front and center into a life you love!

Here’s how:

Jackie Ruka is a professional Happyologist, Therapist , Success Coach and Leadership Trainer. Jackie is dedicated to disrupting unfulfillment and negativity in our lives and workplace and teaches her clients to reach their highest potential. To optimize your life and business check out her book "Get Happy and Create a Kick-Butt Life". Or Hire Jackie to train your team or sign up for a Claim My Power Now breakthrough session.

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