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Did you Know your Subconscious Mind determines your level of Success?

You don’t get in life what you want , you get what you are.

When your stuck in the muck and the blah of these past 18 months, it’s no doubt what you want feels stale and going nowhere in your mind.

That new job, more clients, more money, more love is not happening. Why?

Because our brains don’t know how to deter from the negative. For example, when I say Don’t think about the elephant 🐘. What does your brain do? Goes right to it.

Think of when you go skiing ⛷...

Are you focused on the trees? Or the path? To get safely down , your focus is on the path. Success!

🌳 What grows is where energy flows. With the right focus, intention and actions in play, hence harmony occurs. Same can be applied to your business, your relationships and your life.

👉🏼 Here’s the problem : defaulting back to old habits stemmed from a rooted belief will have you back in stuck mode again. It’s like when you lose the weight but it comes back on. In most cases , your beliefs of self doubt/ or not good enough beliefs , sabotage your ability to stay in alignment with the success habits needed to stay slim. The not good enough thoughts have yet to be diminished (rooted in the subconscious). So the toxic feel good patterns to squash those thoughts and feelings erupt. And there you are eating chips or a gallon of ice cream before bed.

👉🏼 The Solution: the

internal Inner-game identity must match with success.

You become what you believe when you think it into reality.

No millionaire started with a million dollars. She/ he began with the belief, esteem, confidence of already having the million in the their bank account and operated from that future self vibration. Matching your mindset to the success.

If you think and believe in lack, you attract more lack or

better known as a scarcity mindset. 🧠

💪🏻 Turning this around means digging deep to trust and certainty. A “ I can and I will” determination forms the faith in knowing it’s all in process and the success you believe is yours is already happening. Staying in the feelings of trust and certainty is crucial, as this forms momentum as you step into your future self.

💫 If you want to make more $$ $25k or $50k or more or better yet invest in bettering your mindset to grow in a direction where you thrive, it might be time to invest on your success rather than your business.

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