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The 5 Steps to Pivot from your Nine to Five & Unleash your Purpose

There are 5 steps to gracefully pivot from your job and learn your way to potentially making six figures sharing your gifts.

Note, this is not a get rich quick scheme or approach to six figures. Instead, this is for people who have a skill, experience and knowledge to share where you help others get to where they want to go. Call it teaching, training, consulting, mentoring, done- with- you, or coaching , these particular avenues have turned into a $14Billion industry and it continues to grow.

Therefore, if you have outgrown your life, your career or simply want to start your own thing, there is no better time than the present and here’s why… We are in the digital age- the internet, social media and the needs of specific niches are all aligned, post-covid, especially now.

The top three areas that most invest in are: make more money, improve relationships and or career coaching. Plus , there are over 100 high demand areas where buyers invest and are looking for a solution to a problem or reach a specific result. What is most important for your research is to determine what is your WHY.

Self-awareness will lead you to your gold and you could be ten feet from gold by just paying attention and determining what you enjoy doing, what you are good at and what the market will pay you for or better known as your sweet spot.

The Five Steps to leave your job and start to pivot and create your profit plan are ; 1. Earn – this is the best time to learn a how to take your skills, experience and knowledge and form a plan , while you are still earning at a job which creates the bridge toward your freedom path. 2. Learn – take what time you can weekly to form your new vision. What you want your lifestyle to look and feel like, set new intentions and determine your WHY, which leads to your WHAT. 3. Pivoting – pivoting is turning in a new direction to what feels right for you. Asking the questions of what do I enjoy, what am I good at and what will the market pay me for. Pay attention to your deep inner desires are whispering to you. 4. Purpose – everything you have learned up to this point in your life has set you up for your higher purpose. And you may not yet know what this is yet, which is ok,until you ask yourself the right questions and what matters to you, which is part of the self – discovery process. ( One in which a journaling tool to your purpose can help you clarify your WHY) 5. Profit – while you are pivoting and forming a new vision, a new lifestyle and what truly excites you as a purpose driven idea or venture is the profit stage plan. A simple and elegant way to package your knowledge and potentially make $10k months or more.

My clients go from feeling stuck in a mundane and boring work-life to doing work that connects them to their purpose and enables them to design a lifestyle they deserve and the income they desire, even if they've been stuck in the same job for YEARS!

Sure, you could ride your job out until you retire...

If you simply want a boring and uninspiring life. Yes, you could SETTLE.

And maybe things will get better. Eventually. With enough luck.

But the professional women & men I work with confidently create a plan to escape their stale job and leap into doing work that actually lights them up, where their skills and expertise are valued, even if they worry it might be 'too late' for them.

They design their dream job or business without having to ditch their years of experience or compromise their income.

If you are interested in my free Mini - Training to learn a 10 minute overview of how this can work for you click here Six Figure Lifestyle Mini Training and set up a consultation.


Jackie Ruka is a Professional Happyologist and Certified Harvard trained Success Coach. Jackie empowers women and professionals toward a more happy and vibrant life, around a business that you love! Check out her best selling book and subscribe for the 5 Success Mindset Shifts free download at


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