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5 Steps to Maximize your 2022 with Jackie Ruka Professional Happyologist & Success Coach

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

STEP ONE: Release - let go or detox what is no longer working for you.

STEP TWO: Create your Vision - what do you want to experience in 2022? Set your intentions.

STEP THREE: Learn the Mindset practices - which promote powerful growth to changing your thoughts that change your life.

STEP FOUR: Choose ONE new positive habit - that supports your vision and momentum for growth, success and well - being.

STEP FIVE: Take Action - the number one form of creating what you want and reaching your desires and goals is by taking action!

When you surround yourself with people who are are inspired, motivated and grateful, this is where the magic happens. We are not meant to work alone, live in a silo or recreate the wheel. You are meant to be lifted up by others who are on a journey, like yourself who want to see each other succeed. Read what our clients have to say HERE.

Take action and learn about going to your Next Level and receive a Free Next Level Blueprint when you apply! Click HERE.

Hi I am Jackie Ruka, Professional Happyologist and Certified Success Coach, best selling Author, WellBeing subject matter expert and Speaker. I teach professionals a new way to work and live. Helping you to supercharge your calling & purpose and live a happier life.


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