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Do you Struggle with Life Purpose Fatigue? 5 Coaching Tips

During these unprecedented times Americans are faced with layoffs, an unsettling economy, and the pivoting or survival mode methods leading many to quietly question themselves and their life purpose with hopes toward a future of hopeful certainty.

One out of four Americans are in this situation right now and struggling with Life Purpose Fatigue. In fact, Americans are the unhappiest they have been in more than 50 years.This bold — yet unsurprising — conclusion comes from the COVID Response Tracking Study, conducted by NORC at the University of Chicago. It finds that just 14% of American adults say they're very happy, down from 31% who said the same in 2018. That year, 23% said they'd often or sometimes felt isolated in recent weeks. Now, 50% say that.

2021 has spiraled a spiritual decay, when things are good people don't tend to look inward. Yet with isolation, comes looking at self and determining what really matters to you in your life. This begs the question: was I happy in my purpose or job before the pandemic breakout?

More than 1 in 4 adults (26%) reported anticipating more stress at the start of 2023, according to The American Psychological Association's survey results show that three-quarters of adults say their stress levels have increased over the past year.

At one time or another, we all have experienced life purpose fatigue . Fatigue is defined as extreme tiredness, typically resulting from mental or physical effort or illness. Life purpose fatigue is when the stacks of career and self-development books, coaching seminars and chasing your tail have left you weary and confused about your life’s path. These are obvious signs that you have attempted what you thought was a good idea but with less than happy results. At some point, it's time to get serious about what your true heart desires? And usually when you are so sick and tired of being sick and tired that you finally decide to get serious, well that’s the hope anyway. There is no reason for you to be struggling , scraping and holding back from your passions, is there ?

Fatigue keeps us in the negative and holds us back with low energy. Conversely, the “just go for it” attitude is what amps your brain and shifts thoughts to a more positive and higher energy which zaps a weary type of thinking. This way you start creating momentum!

Here are 5 coaching tips to improve your level of happiness and life’s direction to alleviate life purpose fatigue and stress:

Perspective: We are living in a time of constant change. Although you may have started in a direction that was once meaningful, your market, customer needs or personal desires change as well. Spend some time researching on your passion, ask questions, google it, visit or interview people related to your passion and dig deeper. In addition, get your hands dirty and enjoy what’s organically related to your passion, you learn more by doing.

Acceptance: You are exactly where you are supposed to be right now. Enjoy the moment and take it all in. Allow to feel and learn as opposed to analyzing and pushing toward something that may not really feel right or where you have a half-belief ( not the whole truth or story). Accept where you are right now and give yourself credit for all that you have accomplished thus far.

Patience: You may have given yourself a year to attain a goal for yourself or your business. A lot can happen in a year and you may only have reached three-quarters of the way to meet your goal. It’s okay, you are moving forward, in a direction where your traction is not a warp speed occurrence. All good things happen in good time or divine timing. Have patience with yourself. And remember, when you have a goal, then there is no failure. Just do a little bit each day toward your dream.

Deliberate Creation: When you place action consistently into a cause , project or dream you will end up with results, no matter what. Maintaining a  no matter what attitude and belief behind your actions will always lead to gold. Keep practicing, if you are not reaching results, tweak what you’re doing until you do reach results. It’s ok to make changes or develop a Plan B when Plan A is no longer a fit.

Accountability: Having a plan is easy. Placing it into action is the hard part. One must never, ever give up and the best approach is having a buddy, coach or business partner where accountability for getting sh*t done will happen, each and every week!

On a personal note, if someone has not told you lately; YOU are smart, powerful and talented and this is relevant to whichever passion you choose to express !

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Jackie Ruka is a Professional Happyologist and Success Coach . Jackie is dedicated to disrupting unfulfillment and negativity in our lives and workplace and teaches her clients to reach their highest potential. To optimize your life and business check out her book "Get Happy and Create a Kick-Butt Life". Or Hire Jackie to train your team or sign up for a Next Level session.


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