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How to Recover from Burnout

Burned out? It goes beyond needing sleep and a vacation, says Professional Happyologist Jackie Ruka.

Burnout is the new epidemic affecting 66% of working Americans (according to 2021).

Common signs and symptoms of burnout are: negative thinking, exhaustion, body fatigue, foggy thinking, erratic sleep, anxiety, stress, irritability, tension, overwhelm and a underlying and constant feeling of frustration for not having time for yourself. All of this can be debilitating. I have been there, knowing first hand working 60 hour work weeks, what it looks and feels like.

It's easy to disregard the red flags and just keep going with hopes that things will change, which is a big misconception. Nothing will change, unless you do.

In today's work life and pace, as well as not enough workers, low wages and feeling under-appreciated, has led to the "great resignation", employees are simply sick and tired, literally. The juggling of parenting, work, post - Covid, toxic bosses, ageism and extreme expectations amongst employees, people are recognizing that no job is worth depleting their mental health.

But before you make any big decisions, let's take a look at ways to recover from burnout as a practical option:

Three Mindset Reframes:

1. Recognize you are not your job or your title.

2. That you are a human being, not just a human doing.

3. Know that success is not about money or materialism but the value you have to give and the impact you make on another in a positive way. Simply stated, being you is enough, you are enough. People love you for you not what you do for them. ( I hope.)

2. Change means creating healthy boundaries and learning to say no and delegating tasks that do not require your immediate attention.

3. Start leaning into creating balance back into your relationships, your well-being and your time freedom.

4. Slowly pivot and utilize your PTO time, benefits and resources to a timeline that works to your advantage.

5. Utilize your current role as a BRIDGE to your new desire, new job, side business or a completely different lifestyle. Life is too short to be suffering when you have the ability to make change and be happy.

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