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Resilience is about how you recharge, not endure.

Resilience in today's world is no longer defined as enduring tough times or pressure but more about how you recover and build sustainability to then better operate your wellbeing during tough times. In other words, it's recovery time that builds your endurance.

Homeostasis is how the brain restores and sustains wellbeing. For example, going to bed but still forming and thinking solutions about work is not recovery. Your body may be rested but you are exhausted the next day by your brain continuing to be in performance mode.

It’s learning a balance of recovery and performance modes that makes the difference to your wellbeing homeostasis.

“Research has found, lack of recovery, whether by disrupting sleep with thoughts of work or having continuous cognitive arousal by watching our phones - is costing companies $63 Billion a year in lost productivity.” - Harvard Business Review

Just because work stops, does not mean we are recovering.

Learning to stop is one step toward releasing workaholism, perfectionism and potential burnout. However, realigning toward homeostasis is crucial to restoring yourself to greater well- being.

Here are a few secrets to bounce back during your day and reset toward homeostasis.

Secret One : Set an intention each morning and make it as upbeat as possible! Today will be a good day, is simple enough. ( when you wake up in the morning and believe you are going to have a bad day, guess what? You will experience just that.

There are two energies, positive and negative, choose the high road. It may sound easier said than done, it takes practice. Keep practicing a positive intention to each day. Say it as many times throughout the day as possible and soon it becomes a natural habit.

"We think our brains are supposed to make us successful, your brain exists to create your happiness." - Mo Gawdat

Secret Two : Utilize a power statement. This can be effective to interrupt stinking thinking, limiting beliefs, obsessive thoughts or worry even un-fulfillment.

So here is what happens when you adapt a power statement: it turns your feelings around to reframe your perspective toward aligning the conscious and subconscious mind to reach alignment. In other words, the left and right hemispheres of the brain are synchronized with each other. In this way you enter the whole brain state and an ideal situation arises, in which the subconscious mind absorbs the new empowering belief and eliminates unwanted stress or an inner conflict. Thanks to the neuroplasticity of the brain, a new situation arises immediately.

An example of a power statement you can adapt is: " I am success!" or " I stand my ground" or "I am happy and grateful."

Share what's working for you in the comments to recharge.

Want wellbeing and happiness? It starts from within. Learn more about the Happiness to Success Mindset Method here.


Hi I am Jackie Ruka, Professional Happyologist and Certified Success Coach, best selling Author, WellBeing subject matter expert and Speaker. I teach professionals a new way to work and live. Helping you to supercharge your calling & purpose and live a happier life.


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